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Are they really close friends?

It’s Monday, and we’re talking about friends!

Have you noticed the “Close Friends” feature on Instagram Stories? I mean, close friends seems like an obvious descriptor, but don’t let the name fool you. Let’s look at a few ways you could be utilizing the close friends feature for your business.

First off, it’s really just Instagram dipping its toes into allowing segmentation of your audience. You can now send customized content only to a select group of followers you choose.

Photo by Angelo Pantazis for Unsplash

OPTION ONE: Send to your actual close friends ;-) Maybe you’re feeling like there’s so much pressure to be perfect on Instagram these days, or your account is really focused on your business, but sometimes you want to share some raw, fun content with your pals. Who’s meeting at the bar tonight? Keeping your baby’s first steps a little more private. Or heck, even a “please help by commenting on my latest IG post that ain’t doing so well!”

OPTION TWO: Keep your best customers informed. Add your loyal customers to the list, and shower them with exclusive coupon codes, bonus features, sneak peeks, early access and behind the scenes content. Show gratitude with a thank you video made just for them. Gather feedback using Instagram’s stickers and polls, so you know exactly what colors, features or topics to cover next in your business. 

OPTION THREE: Offer a private VIP level. Ever considered hosting a private group or VIP membership in your business? My wedding industry homies or any other big-ticket item sellers can do this immediately for your paid clients. Any type of coach (fitness, self-improvement, nutrition, business) can certainly level-up with a paid membership. The rest of your audience still gets your awesome free content, but they won’t see the high-value tips and motivation you’re giving your paying members via the close friends list.

Lastly, don’t forget about your list! Set a reminder or designate a specific person on your team to nurture this audience along the way.

Things to know:

  • A tutorial for setting up your close friends list, complete with photos, can be found HERE or through your favorite Google or YouTube search bar.
  • You can add or remove users from your close friends list at any time.
  • Users won’t receive any notifications of being added or removed.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many people can be on your list.
  • Close friends content will show up in green vs. the usual pink circles. In other words, your friends will know they’re special and seeing this exclusive content because of it.
  • These close friends posts won’t be available to add as sticky content in your profile “highlights.”

Have fun, my friends!

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