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A Day in Haiti

I’m not really a fan of cruises, but I found myself on a fun little trip with my mom this past winter. The highlight of the week for me was a stop in Haiti!

Of course, as guests on a cruise ship, we didn’t actually see the real Haiti, but rather a stretch of beach leased by Royal Caribbean. Of all the stops, though, Labadee, Haiti was the place my mom and I decided to hop on a local boat for a few hours and tour the coastline.

The shoreline was raw and true. The local fishermen traveled on sailboats with sails made of bed sheets. On this day, I carried my Contax G2 film camera and Fuji 400H film.

a sailboat in haitifishermen in haiticoast of haiti

Life IS simple!

labadee haitipalm trees in haiti

ocean coast of haiti

sailboat in haiti

I have a constant thirst for travel and cultures, and I truly look forward to the day I return to the real heart of this gorgeous country! Thanks for the peek for now, Haiti!

Yon sèl lang se janm ase.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity